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TM has launched a promotion for Streamyx Consumer packages (STREAMYZER CAMPAIGN) effective on 3rd of August 2016 – 31st of December 2016.

Pls refer below package details:

Streamyx 8M (Streamyzer Campaign) @ RM140 (Normal price RM160) 

Streamyx 4M (Streamyzer Campaign) @ RM130 (Normal price RM140)

 Streamyx 2M (Streamyzer Campaign) @ RM120 (Normal price RM130)

1)Contract period: 8M = 24 months; 4M & 2M = 12 months
2)Streamyx 8M is bundled with HyppTV pack with Free Basic Channel only. 


               After apply TM Net Technician will call you for appointment arrangement.
Streamyx online application

Streamyx 4Mbps

Streamyx 2Mbps

Streamyx 2Mbps

Streamyx BlockBuster Deal (BBD140 & BBD160)
- BBD160 8Mbps : RM160 (FREE 1 Vernacular pack - worth RM30 per month with 2 years contract)

- BBD140 4Mbps : RM140 (Get 1 Vernacular pack with additional RM20 per month) 

*Vernacular pack  = (Aneka - For Malay,    Varnam - For Indian &   Ruby - For Chinese)

apply streamyx
Unlimited Usage
• Streamyx Zone ID• Waive RM75 Activation Fee
• Waive RM88 Installation Fee

• No RM25 Fixed Phone Line Rental
• FREE Calls to TM Fixed Phone Line Nationwide
• Flat Rate 10sen/min to Other Phone Line Nationwide