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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Start from 15 Aug UniFi Speed Upgraded x10 times for Existing Users

Start from 15 Aug UniFi Speed Upgraded x10 times for Existing Users

TM Net announce that their UniFi Turbo" Upgrade program. For all UniFi existing users, internet speed will be upgraded 10 times faster!

100Mbps users will be upgraded to 800Mbps!
Streamyx also will be upgraded, speed x2

Apart from that, TM will introduce a UniFi Basic Package for those household income lower that RM4500.

According to TM announcement, all existing UniFi user will be upgraded to higher speed on 15/8/2018. All existing users will be upgraded to different speed according to their existing package. The most important that, all these upgrade are FREE and they only need to pay for original price. Some of their users have to upgrade their modem, in order to support higher speed.

20Mbps and lower will be upgraded to maximum 100Mbps
30Mbps [UniFi Advance Package] will be upgraded to 300Mbps
50Mbps [UniFi Advance Plus] will be upgraded to 500Mbps
100Mbps [UniFi Pro] will be upgraded to 100Mbps!!!!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Telekom Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia

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High Speed Internet [Fiber Optic]

Ja-Jumbo Deal offer:                       Click HERE to view details
Unifi (VIP 10 & VIP 20) - Discount RM50 from Unifi
- VIP 10 With HyppTV Jumbo Pack - RM209
- VIP 10 With HyppTV Sport Pack - RM199
- VIP 20 With HyppTV Jumbo Pack - RM259
- VIP 20 With HyppTV Sport Pack - RM249
  After apply TM Net Technician will call you for appointment arrangement.

Streamyx [home]

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               After apply TM Net Technician will call you for appointment arrangement.
Streamyx online application

Streamyx 4Mbps

Streamyx 2Mbps

Streamyx 2Mbps

Streamyx BlockBuster Deal (BBD140 & BBD160)
- BBD160 8Mbps : RM160 (FREE 1 Vernacular pack - worth RM30 per month with 2 years contract)

- BBD140 4Mbps : RM140 (Get 1 Vernacular pack with additional RM20 per month) 

*Vernacular pack  = (Aneka - For Malay,    Varnam - For Indian &   Ruby - For Chinese)

apply streamyx

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Steps to pay TM Bill via Maybank2u

How to Pay TM Bill Via Maybank2U ?

1. Log in to www.maybank2u.com.my
2. Click "Account & Banking'
3. Click "Bill Payment"
4. Click "Make a one-off payment'
5. Select Payees by Category Utilities and "continue'
6. Select Telekom Malaysia Berhad "Telephone & Multimedia" or "Streamyx" or "UniFi"
7. Key in TM Account Number and "continue"
8. Key in amount and "Continue"
9. "Request for TAC"   [ TAC number will be sent to your registered mobile number]
10. Kei in TAC number and "Confirm"

Saturday, 21 April 2018

UniFi 100Mbps

UniFi Packages

NoUnifi PackageCategoryPointMonthly Fee
1UniFi Advance 30Mbps + Aneka Plus + Voice 20 (Q2 2018) @ RM179VIP149179
2UniFi Advance Plus 50Mbps + Ultimate Pack + Voice 20 + Discount RM30 for 24 months (Q2 2018) @ RM199VIP139199
3UniFi Biz Advance 30Mbps + Discount RM20 for 24 months (Q2 2018) @ RM279BIZ279279
4UniFi Biz Advance Plus 50Mbps + Discount RM20 for 24 months (Q2 2018) @ RM329BIZ329329
5UniFi Biz Lite 10Mbps (Q2 2018) @ RM199BIZ199199
6UniFi Biz Pro 100Mbps + Discount RM50 for 24 months (Q2 2018) @ RM349BIZ349349
7UniFi Lite 10Mbps + Aneka Plus (Q2 2018) @ RM129VIP99129
8UniFi Pro 100Mbps + Ultimate Pack + Voice 20 (Q2 2018) @ RM329VIP269329
Installation Charges

Sunday, 11 March 2018

TM UniFI Home Package - Unifi Advance 30Mbps


  • Hypptv  Channels –Jumbo Pack
  • Download Volume –Unlimited
  • Download Speed-30 Mbps
  • Upload Speed-10 Mbps
  • Installation-FREE 45ft wiring.
  • Voice Plan-20 sen/min (mobile) 10 sen/min (fixed lines)
  • Foreign Applicant – RM 500 Advance Payment (click here for payment method)