Be a Partner / TM Net Agent

Be a Partner / TM Net Agent

We are looking for broadband agent and we offer High Commission Rate for Internet Broadband up to 180% + 30%

You may look for your customers (could be your customers, friends or family members), submit the application to us and get commission after installation. Let's Take Maxis Home Fibre Internet 10Mbps RM148 as an example:
Broadband Order Submitted ByCalculation FormulaYour Commission
You (Personal Sales) 180% x RM148RM266.40
Platinum Partner15% x RM148RM22.20
Gold Partner10% x RM148RM14.80
Silver Partner5% x RM148RM7.40

If you wish to know more, please click the link below.

Besides Maxis Fibre, other internet broadband packages provided by different service providers are also available. Commission rate for all internet packages available as shown below: 

Maxis Fibre UniFiStreamyxUniFiTelephone Line
You (Personal Sales) 180%150%150%150%60%
Platinum Partner15%15%15%15%8%
Gold Partner10%10%10%10%8%
Silver Partner5%5%5%5%4%

Besides looking for customer, you may recruit your Platinum Partner, Gold Partner and Silver Partner as many as possible. The more partners you have, the more you earn from your business network. We have prepared a very good marketing strategy for you to look for partners without having to meet people.