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Streamyx MIPS Status

No MIPS Status Details
1 Batal Account Cancelled
2 Failed Request - Pending CASS Pending order (ciri-ciri) haven't clear in TM CASS system for previous streamyx user or service no. SOLUTION : Refer PTT Channel to clear pending CASS order.
3 Failed Request - Pending Order REASON 1:Customer previously registered Streamyx with others under Tunggu or Kaji Siasat. REASON 2:Customer has pending order at TM Point which haven't post complete.(e.g changed billing name/transfering account)
4 In Progress Streamyx order (SDSL) sent to TM Channel for registration, and waiting for reply.
5 In Progress - Peringkat Awal Order successful registered in mips system but no confirmation slip due to system error. Order will be update to Peringkat Awal after 24 hours.
6 In Progress - Untag Unauthorized orders sent to TM channel department for untag purpose.
7 Kaji Siasat Distance from exchange point too far, need to investigate the signal.
8 Lengkap Siap Account Activated
9 Not Yet Register New in our system, not yet registered in MIPS
10 On Hold Requested on hold/KIV; or suspect fraud cases
11 Peringkat Awal Reistration successfully done, waiting for activation and installation.
12 Tunggu Application under waiting list, no free port available, need to wait until TM build new port. Normally if more than 50 new applications in one exchange, TM will build new port.
13 Unable To Register - Business Customer The telephone number submitted is registered under Business category .This customer is not allow to register Streamyx Basic packages
14 Unable To Register - DAT Code Not Supported The telephone no entered is a hunting line or keyed phone. Kindly provide direct line (e.g. fax line) to proceed with registration.
15 Unable To Register - Home Prepaid Line The telephone number entered is under Home Prepaid line. Please select plan streamyx for Home Prepaid to proceed with registration. Standard Streamyx Home Pepaid Package will charged extra RM18 access fee per month.
16 Unable To Register - Incomplete Information Kindly provide full customer's details. Incomplete customer's information will delayed the registration.
17 Unable To Register - New Telephone Line Have Not Install New telephone line have not install by TM contractor after order sucessful registered with telephone no under status Peringkat Awal. Kindly contact TM Line - 100 to get the telephone contractor's name & contact for installation if order pending more than 1 week.
18 Unable To Register - No Service Address The telephone number entered were not in use. Or customer has terminated the telephone line. Please double the telephone number given.
19 Unable To Register - Not Authorized Reseller TM policy.DEL processor can blocked Streamyx order during mips registration to prevent others party/reseller hijack the Streamyx order. To untag the order, kindly submit full document together with customer's authorised letter.
20 Unable To Register - Problem Case The order encounted some system error or technical issue. To be send to PTT channel to verify.
21 Unable To Register - Problem Case (ICP) The order encounted some system error or technical issue on TM ICP system. To be send to PTT channel to verify. Kindly refer ADMIN REMARKS for further details.
22 Unable To Register - Registered With Others Ealier Provisioned no. Customer had registered with others under Peringkat Awal or Lengkap Siap.
23 Unable To Register - Telephone Not Offered REASON 1:New telephone line haven't install/activate (Haven't post complete). REASON 2:Customer's telephone line suspended. Kindly refer TM point for outstanding bill.
24 Unable To Register - Termination Within 30 Days The telephone number entered has just being terminated within 30 days. New registration using the telephone number can only be done 30 days after the termination date.
25 Unable To Register - Verification Could Not Proceed Telephone number entered was invalid; or Streamyx service unavailable. e.g.: 1)Invalid or wrongly keyed in telephone number. 2)Telephone number not under TM but other SP (TIME / Maxis) 3)Reseller unable to downgrade package or change order to another same speed package.

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